National Compensation Forecast

January 2020

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Gain insight on compensation trends

  • Each quarter, ERI examines the rates at which salaries have increased and provides guidance on the expected increase for the upcoming year.
  • Review overall trends from the last 10 years and the annual growth among occupations, including Health Care, Sales, and Information Technology.
  • ERI is expecting nominal compensation rates to continue growing through 2020. This expectation is based on the recent increase noted in ERI’s 2020 Salary Increase Survey & Forecast and supported by the increased trend rates in Salary Assessor data, the Employment Cost Index, and less slack in the labor market.
Designed to capture salary changes across a broad range of jobs found in the United States economy
Shows how national compensation has changed over the ten years prior to the time of publication
Focuses on the fundamental component of compensation (base compensation)
Derived from quarterly results published in ERI’s Salary Assessor, a professional compensation tool used widely across the public and private sector